SDCTA Golden Awards

From San Diego Public Policy and Fiscal History

What are the Goldens?

The Goldens awards ceremony is an opportunity for SDCTA to recognize public agencies spending taxpayer dollars toward services that benefit taxpayers and to hold accountable those who do not spend taxpayer dollars toward such services. Entities that do an exceptional job of spending taxpayer dollars in accordance with the SDCTA's values are awarded the watchdog award, and entities that fail to do so are awarded the fleece.

The 2022 Golden Awards categories education; public health and safety; and transportation, utilities, and infrastructure.

About the 2022 Golden Awards

Rapid Reopening For Kids to Go Back to School? Mismanaging of Federal Covid-19 Funds? For the Educational Golden and Fleece Award

In the education category the Cajon Valley Union School District won the Watchdog. Due to their rapid reopening while the San Diego County school system was indefinitely closed with no plans to bring children back to school, Cajon Valley Union School District took a brave step to safely reopen its doors to students. While the fleece would be awarded to Sweetwater Union High School District for their Mismanaging of Federal COVID-19 Funds for using pandemic relief dollars to fund teacher raises is a big “no no'' and is making us raise our eyebrows in shock! When the economy is crashing down around us, hospitals are nearing capacity, and students are struggling to connect with their teachers at all - we are curious as to how this seemed like a responsible use of public funds.

Prosecuting Edd Fraud Costing Over a Million Dollars? Over One-Hundred Dead in the Sheriff's Departments Custody? For the Public Health and Safety Golden and Fleece Award

In the Public Health and Safety category, SDCTA awards the Golden Watchdog to the County of San Diego's District Attorney devotion to prosecuting rampant EDD fraud. In

the Spring of 2021, District Attorney Summer Stephan charged a trio of crooks for fraudulently using the names of 64 inmates to file false unemployment claims with the Employment

Development Department (EDD) totalling $1.3 million! The Golden Fleece also goes to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department for the unnecessary deaths of inmates this past year under their custody. Over a ten-year period 141 inmates in San Diego County Sheriff custody have died, well above the reasonable expected rate, and far exceeding the other 11 largest Counties in the State.

How the City of Carlsbad is Using Geo AI is to Help Reduce Your Water Pollution? CCA Rate Spikes as a Result of Faulty Energy Procurements Strategies? For the Transportation, Utilities & Infrastructure Golden and Fleece Award

In the Transportation, Utilities & Infrastructure category, SDCTA awards the Watchdog to City of Carlsbad for ACTION System's of Reducing Water Pollution using Geo AI. The City of Carlsbad has used innovative, out-of-the-box thinking to harness the power of Geo AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to maximize the efficiency of their water pollution inspections and operations. The fleece would be awarded City of Solana Beach Councilmembers voted to increase the rates of the Solana Energy Alliance by 2.4% to account for the more than $180k owed to the city for incurred administration costs. Along with failing to account for CPUC-determined SDG&E exit fees for joining a community choice program.

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