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Welcome to the San Diego Public and Fiscal Policy wiki, a public resource by SDTEF!

This is a public resource created and maintained by the San Diego Taxpayer's Educational Foundation.

The SDTEF is supported by the San Diego County Taxpayers' Association.

Welcome to the San Diego Public and Fiscal Policy Wiki.

This is the Main Page of the San Diego Taxpayers' Association Historical Policy Wiki! It's still under construction, so please check back later.

What resources do we offer?

This wiki aims to provide a publicly accessible repository of historical information on San Diego's public policy and fiscal policy. It is created, maintained, and moderated by staff of the San Diego Taxpayer's Educational Foundation (SDTEF), but all community members are free to contribute to this wiki. Some pages that you may find useful:

San Diego County Taxpayers Association (About)

San Diego Taxpayer's Educational Foundation (About)

Public Policy

Ways that you can get involved:

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  • In addition, please feel free to edit and contribute to this wiki. If a page doesn't exist, create one! Note that unless otherwise specified we adhere to Wikipedia's policies on editing, and reserve the right to protect certain pages or bar certain users.

Learn More About San Diego's History:

The SDCTA aims to inform San Diego County voters by providing publicly accessible information on Public Policy History. The Association also aims to engage communities by providing shared knowledge on San Diego's different elements.




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