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How the 2018 Golden Awards was a Focal Point Towards the City of San Diego[edit | edit source]

How was San Diego able to improve water quality at Chollas Creek? How the Whole of California is to be Scrutinized for their Actions on the Hepatitis A Prevention & Response: For the Grand Golden Award and Fleece

The SDCTA awarded the Grand Golden Award to the City of San Diego for their Chollas Creek Project Cost Savings which resulted in cost savings avoiding unnecessary expenditures, so that money can now be directed toward addressing other pollutants to improve water quality at the Chollas Creek watershed and Citywide. The Grand Golden Fleece was granted to the whole of California, including all of the cities in San Diego County, for the Hepatitis A Prevention & Response. It shouldn’t be a fantasy to have jurisdictions live up to their responsibilities, collaborate and work together to ensure the most vulnerable San Diegans aren’t sickened or killed by preventable diseases.

How Was San Diego Ready for The Commercialization of Cannabis? How a Disgruntle over the Consensus on Short Term Vacation Rentals Impacted STVR Regulations: Metro Golden Award and Fleece

The SDCTA awards the Metro Golden Award the City of San Diego for their Adult-Use Cannabis Regulations. The city was ready to collect taxes on cannabis products the first day retail shops were able to sell recreational cannabis. By proactively tackling development of a regulatory structure, the City ensured permitted dispensaries would be in place, reducing the chance a black market would flourish — and also saving City staff time and money by reducing the number of hearings. The Metro Golden Fleece Award was granted to the City of San Diego, as policy makers have failed to reach consensus on how to regulate Short Term Vacation Rentals. Dozens of hearings have San Diego still waiting for decisive STVR regulations.

What happens when Two School Districts Come Together and Why Biking in San Diego Has Gone Severely Down Hill: For the Regional Golden Award and Fleece

The SDCTA awards the Regional Golden Award to the San Dieguito Union High School District & Solana Beach School District, as these districts worked collaboratively to create a partnership whereby SBSD would be a tenant of SDUHSD during the 2017-18 school year required to rebuild Skyline School. The Regional Golden Fleece was granted to the San Diego Regional Association of Governments for their spending of $61 million on their Bike Early Action Program. To date, the agency has completed fewer than four miles of bike lanes. The agency has spent so much money and time trying to achieve consensus that bike lane costs have amounted to $15.25 million per mile. SANDAG has also pushed several project start dates into 2019 and 2020 — failing to live up to a January promise to start eight projects before the end of 2018.