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From San Diego Public Policy and Fiscal History

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) has been serving San Diego for more than 135 years. MTS provides service in 10 of the county’s cities, and boasts a network of 65 Trolley stations and 100 bus routes equipped to serve San Diego’s 3 million residents. With an operating budget of $300 million, MTS is able to offer over 57 million rides annually. MTS’ transportation services have reduced the region’s CO2 admission by 97,000 metric tons and has a mission to convert to an all-electric bus fleet by 2040. The agency’s fleet of 165 light rail vehicles already is 100% electric and zero emissions.

MTS is dedicated to promoting clean, safe, and equitable transportation for San Diegans. Year after year, riders continue to give MTS a customer satisfaction rating above 90%. This is thanks in part to the dedication of the 3,000 employees who help maintain and administrate the day-to-day operations. MTS has a 15-member board of directors made up of elected officials to govern policies and regulate MTS practices. MTS and its subsidiaries, San Diego Trolley, Inc. San Diego Transit Corporation and the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railway Company, continue to demonstrate leadership in the transportation business by promoting environmentally and fiscally conscious practices.